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The ‘Confetti’ installation comprises of two artworks. The first, ‘1million twenty times’ is made entirely from used National Lottery scratchcards collected from a single player. Approximately 100 of the bright orange cards were used to assemble this artwork; distorting the original image by cutting, collaging, and layering the pieces; creating a “blurred vision” of the original.

The second piece is a collection of shavings left behind after a card has been scratched - gathered in the last three years from found and donated cards.  The shavings have a foil-like quality and are an array of different colours, like confetti. Confetti itself symbolises a celebration, however in this setting, the work is in consideration of our shared partiality to hope, luck and chance.


Used scratchcards on board, 91cm x 232cm x 5cm


Scratchcard shavings, 22cm x 16cm x 22cm
2021 - 2023

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